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I had been desperately searching an accurate place to work where I will use my knowledge. Then I discovered UVNL and applied for the job. My experience of working with UVNL is really great and worth remembering. I got such a place where I daily learn new things and go on exploring myself. The most important thing one employee expects from his work is that it should give him challenges and chance to learn the things and I exactly got the same thing at UVNL.
Shubham Kukudkar
I am little introvert and so I have always been worried about meeting new people. But for this reason I could not compromise with my work. When I joint UVNL I really got company of enthusiastic people. The team I work in is very understanding and supportive. My colleagues have become my friend and I can ask them anything related to work very frankly. I will always be thankful to the UVNL for changing my thinking about meeting new people.
Mastan Sadguru

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