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Fixed Deposit

In these uncertain times, get the most of your hard-earned money without any risk by investing in the evergreen Fixed Deposits. UVNL Fixed Deposits offer one of the better interest rates, highest safety.  That’s why we say Fixed Deposits #BahotAcchaHe.

Loan Upto 2 Lakhs

Instant Approval

Easy Documentation

Loan Tenure upto 2 years

Eligibility Criteria

The personal loan is available for existing UVNL Members  is only A good repayment track record.

Documents Required

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed deposits shall be accepted for a minimum period of six months and
for a maximum period of sixty months.

company is not allowed to accept funds for more
than 5 year (60 Months).

We are an emerging non-banking financial company in the Vidarbha region. We substantiate regional and local financial support to needy people. Also, all our undertakings are regulated, supervise, and manage under MCA norms that imply trustrustworthyness.